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2Gig System

H​ome Security and Automation


A 2Gig System gives you just that. Manage, manipulate and monitor every activity of your home from anywhere in the world with internet access.

Not sure if you locked the door or set the air conditioner before leaving today?

     Just pull it up on your smart phone or work computer and have peace of mind.

Need to let the electrician in?

     From your desk you can unlock the door, then monitor their activities on a live feed video camera through the internet.

Hate walking into a dark house?

    Turn on lights from your car with a simple press of a button, no smartphone needed.

There are hundreds more examples and uses for this amazing system.

Also, did we mention it's one of the most affordable and user friendly on the market?

Electrical Contractor Fort Worth Area Electrician
Electrical Contractor Fort Worth Area Electrician
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