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Arc Fault Information

An Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) is a circuit breaker designed to prevent fires by detecting an unintended electrical arc and disconnecting the power before the arc starts a fire. An AFCI must distinguish between a harmless arc that occurs incidental to normal operation of switches, plugs and brushed motors and an undesirable arc that can occur, for example, in a lamp cord that has a broken conductor in the cord.

Service Rates

Pricing is a fixed Rate. Whenever a technician thinks a job will total over $300 it will be categorized as a large job.

Small Jobs

First Hour:

Additional Hours:



Large Jobs

Large jobs are jobs that will exceed $300.00 and will be quoted upfront in writing.

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  • Workmanship: 1 year warranty
  • Labor 30 day
  • Manufacture's warranty applies on all equipment
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